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Persistent Pain Workbooks

Last updated: August 2021

My go-to resources to support people managing long term pain.

💥Pain is a very normal and very necessary part of the human experience. It is critical for survival, however pain that persists longer than needed becomes less useful and is also a very poor indicator of actual tissue damage.

🔑Key to living well with this persistent pain is the ability to reconceptualise pain which can help to change beliefs about pain and facilitate healthy pain management behaviours. Developing effective strategies to live well with pain starts with a contemporary understanding of pain in a way that resonates with you.

📄Fortunately, there are some excellent free resources available for healthcare providers and people living with pain to help navigate their way through the complex and sometimes confusing nature of pain.

Following a recent Instagram post on this topic, this blog expands on the topic and provides information to people managing ongoing pain.

Here are my go-to freely available resources 👇🏼

Greg Lehman's (@greglehman) Recovery Strategies Pain Guidebook (available in 9 languages):

The @honest_physio's Pain Management Guidebook:

Ben Cormack's (@corkinetic) Living Well with Pain booklet:

Guardian Exercise Pain Management Guidebook:

Live well with pain's Understanding Pain booklet:

The power of Twitter has also given some excellent additions to the ones includes above. Check it out for further resources.


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