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Welcome to The Understanding Sports and Exercise Medicine Research show.

In my experience, it’s not often enough that we get to hear directly from the original researchers to understand their unique insights into their own research. There is a clear need for improved dissemination of research findings to help effective knowledge translation into clinical practice for musculoskeletal health practitioners.


There are also challenges of increasing difficulty in the readability of scientific papers for clinicians. Anything that we can do to help people to understand the research and reduce this time lag has to be in the interest of all stakeholders to improve high-value care. 

This podcast aims to highlight important clinically relevant research and get the detail straight from the original researcher. The Primary authors of papers have the opportunity to discuss their research and provide additional context to their paper. Complex terminology in research is often not always well understood by clinicians, and we’ll be helping to make sure that the reader can understand your research and its application to practice. 

On a personal level, as a PhD student. I’m trying to better understand the research myself. Speaking to the researchers directly helps me to understand their thought processes, methodologies, and clinically relevant take-homes from their research. 

The overall purpose of this show is to support clinicians and early career researchers to better understand the research and ultimately to help us to deliver high-value and effective care to our patients and athletes. 

Online conversations are recorded for video via video conferencing software will be released as a vodcast on my YouTube channel. The audio podcast option will be released on iTunes and will be available on the Android play store. 

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