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All appointments are available nationally and internationally via Telehealth, or in Person at Complete Sports Care in Melbourne


Initial Assessment and Treatment

60 min


Great treatment outcomes start with a comprehensive assessment to understand your pain and history. The initial consultation will include a conversation about the pain or injury and will be followed by a physical assessment to determine the quality of movement and functional capacity of your body.

We will then be able to discuss the relevant factors that are important to you and your recovery goals, and agree on the treatment plan. The initial consultation will usually include your first treatment aiming to control symptoms and start working on getting you strong, mobile, and moving well.


Follow Up Assessment and Treatment

45 min


Standard follow-up treatments will review your progress against the plan, and continue to build confidence in moving well again. Follow-up treatments will often aim to help you move past your pain, and aim to prevent the problem from returning and improve your physical wellbeing.


Short Follow up and Treatment

30 min


Some conditions may only require a shorter session due to the nature of the problem. If this is relevant to you, it will be discussed in the initial consultation.


Longer Follow up and Treatment

60 min


Some conditions may require a longer session due to the nature of the problem or when a further detailed assessment is required. Examples may include a treadmill-based gait analysis, a full functional movement screen, or baseline strength testing sessions. If this is relevant to you, it will be discussed in the initial consultation.


Online consultations available from the comfort of your own home

30, 45 or 60 min available 

fees as above 

If you are living or working in a remote location, prefer the comfort of your own home, or if you simply don't have time for traffic and parking, online consultation is a great option. You'll receive a thorough online assessment, a discussion of your clinical diagnosis and recovery options, and email follow-up outlining your rehabilitation plan. 

Online consultations are available globally.

Available via Zoom, Facetime, or WhatsApp video calls.

Find out more about the telehealth option here.


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Call the Clinic: (03) 9882 2020


Book in for a myotherapy appointment via the Complete Website

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