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Got lateral hip pain? 


Join our qualitative study

Have you been diagnosed with gluteal tendinopathy or tears, or trochanteric bursitis? Or have been suffering with pain on the outside of your hip(s)? 

If so, you may be eligible to join our study. 

To register your interest, please contact the lead researcher, Tim Trevail, at

or send a text: +61 (0) 404 980 990

Further information below

Further Information


Project Aims

This project aims to improve our understanding of persistent pain on the lateral aspect of the hip, a condition also known as Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS). As someone who has had direct experience with this condition, we would like you to participate in our research project. We want to hear about your experiences in managing this condition. Insights gained from this can reveal underlying themes essential in improving our knowledge of the disease and enhance the care provided to people suffering from this persistent condition.

Expected Benefits of this Project

The data we collect is expected to reveal underlying themes that may be important to improve the management of lateral hip pain. This observational research will add to our understanding of how this condition impacts people and their ability to participate in meaningful activities. This research makes a worthwhile contribution to the management of this condition, and in particular, the role of physical activity and exercise plays in managing the condition. Your participation will aid the researchers in improving the future management of this condition.

Who is eligible to participate?

You may be eligible for this study if you are: female aged 18-65; have pain in the outside of the hip for 3 months or longer; physically able to participate in walking activity as part of daily life. Individuals who are currently, or have previously been received treatment from the lead researcher will not be eligible to participate.

Eligibility will be further assessed via phone screening and clinical orthopaedic testing.

What will participation in this project involve?

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be asked to complete some questions via a secure online survey tool. These questions are designed to evaluate your thoughts and beliefs about your lateral hip pain and how the condition impacts you. You may choose to complete the questions on the day or at an alternative time convenient to you.

The main part of the study will then involve a semi-structured interview with a researcher about your condition. The discussion aims to understand your experience in managing the condition. The conversation is expected to go for about 30 minutes, but may be a little more or less, depending on how the conversation goes. With your permission, the interview would be tape-recorded so that we can ensure that we make an accurate record of what you say. As with all parts of this study, all personally identifiable data will remain confidential. You may choose not to participate and will be under no obligation to take part in the interview.

Full details including the participant information and consent form will be sent to anyone registering their interest in the study, and can also be found here

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